Area Code 0262 Information Details


  • Country: Unknown
  • Capital City: Unknown
  • Time Zone:

Telephone numbers whose prefix is 0262
Area codes starting with 0262
Prefix: 0262 corresponds to a telephone number Landline whose location (town, department, region or country) is Unknown

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Given Reports for the Short Prefix (+61) 0262 ######


Last post by Carol 22 months ago

Unable to speak Chinese number originated from Canberra, ACT


Last post by Ben 24 months ago

Auto dialer?


Last post by Gobnait 24 months ago

Recorded message in Mandarin


Last post by Elle 26 months ago

This number called me and they are Chinese and left me a voicemail


Last post by Anonymous 29 months ago

This caller rang my mother's phone just after 10pm!! Just as I went to pick up it stopped... Not happy that who ever it was called at this time of the night! Only our family can contact us at night....


Last post by Mark 33 months ago

Sick of this number every day they don't even speak English


Last post by john 33 months ago

called us too, called back and they hung up


Last post by M 33 months ago

Spammer. Speaking Chinese I believe.


Last post by Dan 35 months ago

Left a message that could not be converted to text.